Class 4K - Miss Kneller!

What we've been up to!

October 2017

In computing lessons we designed and created our own educational games using the program Scratch.  We worked in pairs to create an algorithm that made a sprite (a character) communicate with the player and ask them multiplication questions.  This sounds easier than it was! To be successful, we had to debug our work by looking carefully at the algorithm to discover what had gone wrong.   Miss Kneller was so impressed with our work that we all went to visit 3V to share our games with them. They loved them and thought we were all very clever.  


In Science we have been learning about the body, including teeth.  We used mirrors to look at what different types of teeth we have then compared these to other animals.  This week we planned and carried out an investigation that focused on tooth decay caused by sugary food and drink.   In the photo you can see four eggs – these represent teeth.  We placed each egg into a different liquid – milk, Lucozade, orange juice and coke.  Which drink do you think caused the most decay and why? 


Wow! Today we had an amazing time exploring some new technology – including mac books, DJ mixing, programmable robots and virtual reality headsets.   An outside agency came in to deliver a workshop where we got to explore each device.  It was really fun.  Hopefully with all the money we raise with SMASH this year, we will be able to have some new cool technology like this to enhance our computing lessons. 


September 2017

This term our topic is The Romans, therefore, in English we have been learning about a Roman myth – Romulus and Remus.  In groups we read different versions of the story then we used role play to retell the version we had read.   Following this, we planned and wrote our own version of the story using similar elements to those we had read.