Class 5NG - Mrs Nottage & Mrs Guy!

In our enthusiastic classroom hard lessons are always fun, the hard working atmosphere also makes the classroom a very happy and enjoyable learning environment. Help is offered all around us, not only from our encouraging teacher and teaching assistants, but also from the displays on the walls. We find influences and encouragement from our work on display. We like the fact that our class room is different from most of the other classes in the school, for example instead of having simple pictures of us on the welcome display, we took our photos, cut out our eyes then replaced them with eyes that moved! Our class is encouraged to be independent in all of our writing but a lot of the time we enthusiastically engage in activities and group discussions, working as a team. We also like 5NGfos because it prepares the year 6’s for secondary school as we keep the room tidy and work as hard as we can, producing our best quality work.