Aylmerton Day 2


It's been an action packed day! After leaving Galleywood, the sun came out when we passed the Essex/Suffolk border. We arrived at Patteson Lodge at about 12 o'clock and met our leaders, Skippy and Sparky. After eating lunch, we boarded a coach and travelled to Cromer. We learnt lots of interesting facts about coastal erosion, identified the different types of stones on the beach (flint, granite, quartz, red and green jasper, agate, jet and loads more) and then tried to find our own rocks. Some of the boys collected so many, they rattled as they ran and found it hard to stop their trousers from falling down!  Finally, we explored rockpools. 

Later, after dinner, we went on a moonlit ramble. We stopped at a ruined church and saw lots of bats flying around - this was the first time most of us had seen a bat in the wild. Then we entered the ruins and listened to Sparky tell us a Norfolk legend; it was a brilliant experience. Lastly, we walked to another dark wood and Skippy lit a campfire and told us some more tales. 

All of the children are now in their rooms and are ready for bed. How long it takes for them to get to sleep remains to be seen! It's been a wonderful day and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow.