Notes from the class

What we have been learning...

In RE we have been learning about the Trinity. We looked at different artist’s representations of the Trinity and with a partner decided where we could see each part. Some of our answers were different to others, but that was fine as God the Father, God’s Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit can be seen and portrayed in various ways. We really enjoyed looking at the different images and discussing our ideas.

As part of our R.E work on Incarnation, we have been learning all about baptism. In today’s lesson we compared the baptism of an infant and an adult. We did this by watching two videos then sorting cards into separate piles. Following this, we each considered which part we thought was the most important in an baptism. We shared these with each other and explained our reasons. Dougie C said he chose ‘ Prayers and blessings are said, songs are sung’ as the most important because he believes a baptism is a special time to celebrate following Jesus. Sophie S chose ‘water’ as the most important as it washes away sins and cleanses people.
We learned about how God created the Earth
We compared the Baptism of an infant and an adult.

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