Governor Details

Publication of Governor Details

In the interests of transparency, governing bodies are now required to publish up-to-date details of their governance arrangements via the school website.

Governor information

Name Date appointed Term of Office Date of Stepping Down Appointed by? Business & Pecuniary Interests
Business Other governance roles Material interests from relationships (governors/staff)
Janella Coates 01/09/1998 4 Years Foundation PCC Galleywood n/a n/a
Carol Colledge 01/12/1997 4 Years Local Authority
Essex County Council
Governor at GBHS Husband Richard Colledge
Jane Cregan-Bird 01/09/1999 4 Years Foundation DBE Deputy Manager of Rainbow Pre-School.
Diane Gale 01/01/2012 4 Years Foundation PCC Galleywood
Andy Griffiths 31/08/2004 Ex – Officio September 2017 Foundation
Ex – Officio
Wife Alison Griffiths Adult Learning Teacher
Melissa Harverson 01/11/2012 4 Years December 2015 Parent Governor
Duncan McKenzie 31/03/2015 4 Years Foundation PCC Galleywood
Denise O’Leary 01/10/2012 4 Years 31/08/2016 Staff Governor
Andrea Wolahan  Dec 2016  4 Years   Staff Governor      
Anne Pepper 24/04/2014 4 Years Foundation DBE Education Consultant Husband Brian Pepper Administrator St. Michael’s Church
Maria Rumsey 11/04/2004 4 Years Headteacher (Staff Governor)
Nicola Trivett 01/11/2012 4 Years Aut 2017 Parent Governor
Francesca Watkinson 01/09/1989 4 Years Foundation PCC Galleywood HLTA
Andrew Brown  01/05/2015 1 Years   Parent Governor.
Appt May 2015 asassociate member, stepped down April 2016, now Parent Governor
Associate Members
Andrew Brown 01/05/2015 April 2016 Associate Member
Richard Colledge 25/03/2008
Robin Foster 01/05/2015 Appt Staff Gov 19/01/2009-01/05/2015
Mark Cresswell 01/05/2015 23/07/2015
Sally Mumford 01/05/2015 22/05/2015
Jill Smith 17/03/2015 Appt Aug 2010 Foundation Gov, stepped down 2 March 2015 Retired Teacher Husband Philip Smith Hon. Treasurer St. Mary’s CHurch