Mission Statement

Our Vision

At St Michael’s, by God’s love and through our Christian values of Love, Faith, Respect and Courage, we celebrate uniqueness and nurture curiosity, enabling each child to flourish

on their own rich learning journey.

Our Aims

We strive to offer a diverse range of opportunities to all children, so that they can follow their hopes and dreams.

We encourage and celebrate the uniqueness of every child.

To enable all children to have opportunities to shine, everyone’s opinions and beliefs matter.

For all children to feel happy, safe, secure and cared for.

Develop resilience and independence in our children.

To be an open and welcoming school that reaches out to the wider community.

Promote an exciting, fun and creative curriculum that nurtures and inspires a love of learning.

 To have the highest expectations of all children and to lead them to have the highest expectations of themselves.

Develop in all children a thirst for learning so that they become independent and self-motivated.

Enable the children to take increasing responsibility for aspects of their own learning, to use and apply their developing skills and to work collaboratively.

Develop the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural interests of each child.