Momo & Tik Tok Warning

Dear Parents and Carers,
We would like to inform you of the latest on line safety concerns that have been brought to our attention.
This app has taken over as the popular choice for young people wishing to share videos. The app is designed for children of at least 13+. The videos that are uploaded can also be viewed on YouTube. There is also a new live stream feature which means that young people can receive comments and suggestions from viewers in real time. There have been several incidents where young people have been targeted by strangers when using this app. Barnardo’s have reported that its child sexual exploitation team have helped victims as young as 8 who have been coerced to post sexualised videos of themselves due to threats being made against their family. A quick review in school showed that almost 30% of Year 3 children are aware of the app, how to use it and how to view specific Tik Tok videos on You Tube. You can find a fact sheet here.
This challenge is a terrifying suicide game called Momo. Momo is a sinister cartoon character. There is evidence that children are playing this game through Whatsapp. Children are urged to contact an unknown number where a conversation takes place with ‘Momo’ who instructs the child to harm themselves or others. The message is also popping up when children are viewing videos on You Tube. Parents have discovered messages on their children’s devices from ‘Momo’ saying “ I can find you everywhere”, “You are still in danger”, “ Do you think you can hide from me?”.
It is vital that you are talking to your children and they are open with you about their internet use. Please ensure that any accounts they have are private and that you regularly check their ‘friends’ list. The worst thing you can do is to ban your children from their devices as they may feel less able to tell you if something worrying happens on line. Please Google these topics yourself and lets all help to keep our children safe.