The aim of SMASH is to help to raise funds to provide extra educational and play equipment for the children of St. Michael's Junior School. SMASH is a registered charity and is open to all parents (mums and dads!) to join to help plan and organise a wide range of fundraising events.
What type of fundraising Activities do we do?   
Anything that we think will work and be fun! Regular events include discos, the Christmas Bazaar, second hand clothes collections and plant sales. We have also hired a circus, held a cushion club (pizza and a film!), joined with the school to support annual fun runs and held an inflatables day. We even have our own bouncy castle available for hire (at only £30!).  
 What happens to the money raised?  

All the money raised is put to good use! SMASH has the ability to consider jointly with the school what the money raised should be put towards. Requests have included new books, play equipment, and a gym trail. This year, some of the money raised has been used to buy a fantastic outdoor classroom and a high-tech Induction Hob and double oven for cooking lessons.

All this enhances the enjoyment of the school experience for our children and for future pupils to come. 

How do I become a member?    
The membership of SMASH changes annually and the group always welcomes new faces
If you have ideas, enthusiasm and a bit of time, come and join us. If a regular commitment is not for you, do pass on your ideas to your child’s year representative or any SMASH member. You can contact SMASH via their email address or their Facebook page:  SMASH - St. Michaels C of E Junior School PTA