School Uniform

Our School Uniform is now available exclusively from One Stop School Gear, conveniently located in Beehive Lane, Great Baddow. From September 2011, uniform sold will feature our new school logo. One Stop can be contacted on 0845 466 7208. Alternatively you can buy uniform from their website One Stop School Gear.

General Information

We aim to treat all children in the school fairly and equally, and it is our belief that a school uniform eliminates problems of competitiveness over fashion clothes, and assists children in seeing that everyone is of equal worth.


Long or short grey trousers;

white shirts or polo tops (with or without the school logo);

grey or dark coloured socks;

royal blue pullovers or the school sweatshirt.


Grey skirt or pinafore dress (blue and white gingham or striped dresses in the summer);

grey tailored trousers – fashion trousers and stretchy fabrics are NOT acceptable;

white blouse/polo top (with or without the school logo);

white socks;

royal blue cardigans/pullovers or the school sweatshirt.

Opaque black tights may be worn in cold weather.

Fleeces are available for outdoor wear.

School uniform is available from One Stop School Gear 0845 466 7208 which is located in Beehive Lane, Great Baddow.

It should be noted that it is not acceptable for children to have extreme haircuts for school.  Hair should not be coloured and long hair must be tied up with plain hair ties/scrunchies or headbands.  With the exception of stud earrings, jewellery is not permissible during the school day and Children should not wear nail varnish to school.

At no time are clothes with pictures, slogans or logos other than the school badge acceptable.


We ask that all children wear sensible black shoes.  In the summer term sandals (not plastic jelly shoes) may be worn.  Please do not send your child to school in fashion shoes or boots, especially with high heels, as these can be a danger in the playground and also damage our floor surfaces.  Boots are defined in the school policy as shoes covering the ankle bone.  Trainers, baseball boots and light-weight canvas shoes of any colour are also unacceptable.

Wellington Boots may be worn in wet weather, but please ensure that your child has another pair of shoes to change into on arrival at school.


For safety and hygiene reasons, children change clothing for all PE and games lessons.  We ask that boys and girls are provided with black/navy shorts (not cycling shorts) and a plain white PE top.

Whilst most PE work in the hall is undertaken in bare feet, children will need a change of footwear for PE lessons taken outside or for games lessons and either plimsolls or lightweight trainers are suitable for this purpose.

Earrings, if worn (one plain stud per ear lobe) must be removed for PE.  This is in line with current Health and Safety Guidance.  Since children can find it difficult to remove and replace earrings themselves, the best arrangement for them is for them not to be worn on PE days.  You may also want to bear this in mind if you are considering having your child’s ears pierced during the school year – the beginning of the summer holidays is the ideal time, as once they return to school the earrings will have to be removed for PE which is an essential part of the curriculum. It is not permissible for earring to be covered with Micropore tape.

PE kit is best brought to school in a drawstring cloth PE bag because we do not have space to store large sports bags.  Long hair must be tied back.  During cold weather, between October and March, children are allowed to wear a plain sweat top together with plain black/navy loose fitting tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE.

PE kits should be in school at all times. Please let us know if your child is unable to do PE for any reasOn