A thought on Libraries

Library – A few thoughts by Catherine Wilkins, Children’s author and friend of the school

Stephen Fry called them powerhouses of knowledge. Caitlin Moran described them as one of the few remaining places people enter as citizens not consumers.

I absolutely LOVED my local library when I was a kid. From happy memories of my Mum taking me there as a pre-schooler, to being a teenager with my OWN CARD borrowing ‘The Cool Boffin’ and Judy Bloom, before moving on to ‘adult’ books (about psychology and how to read body language).

In my latest book WHEN GOOD GEEKS GO BAD I gave my character Ella my love of libraries and an excited sense of delight for all the free knowledge contained within them.

If it wasn’t for my local library I wouldn’t be the writer that I am today. It seems insane to take away all those possibilities of imagination and literacy from future generations.