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Stone Age art
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The Autumn Term is well underway in 3M!
The children have settled into life at St Michael’s brilliantly and I have been extremely impressed with their maturity and readiness to learn.
We began the term learning about the Stone Age and how life changed from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic period. The children can talk about nomadic life and why foraging, hunting and gathering was essential for Stone Age people. We studied Stone Age artefacts and thought like historians when deciding what functions different artefacts had.

In our art lessons the children explored Stone Age cave art found in caves in Lascaux, France. They were fascinated by the scale and accuracy of the images. We foraged natural resources and trialled mark making to create natural pigments. Finally, the children created a ‘rock’ surface to paint on and used simple line drawings and colour blending to create their own cave painting. 

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