Notes from the class

What we have been learning...

What a busy term we have had in 3W!

We started the year by learning about the Stone Age and writing instructions based on the text ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ to check we understood what made a good set of instructions, we had to follow some ourselves to create woolly mammoths from milk cartons. We each made one and there were so many in our classroom it was like they were no longer extinct!


We have loved learning about the mysteries of Stonehenge and how and why it was built. For homework, we were challenged to create 3D versions of Stonehenge and some of us got very creative using anything we could get our hands on, from food to Lego.

In science we learned about rocks and soils. We created our own layers of the Earth using chocolate and desserts. We drew out the layers and what they represented and then we ate it. It was delicious!

Making Wooly Mammoths
Investigating the Earth's Layers (with chocolate!)

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