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Remembrance Day at St Michaels

On the 11th November 2021, St Michael’s School in Galleywood, Chelmsford produced a Remembrance assembly which was entirely led by the Year 5 students. The music was choreographed by the amazing Mrs Maxwell and played by the music team, Pearl on the drums, Lucy, Florence and Roan on the recorder, Noah and Niamh on the glockenspiel, Roxane on ukulele and Mrs Maxwell on the piano.

The teachers who wrote the assembly, Mrs Orton and Mr Leeding, were especially proud of the children who had to learn poems, diaries, lines, songs and more in just a few weeks.

The parents who came loved it. “The reading was exceptional, right to the end!” a local mother commented. After that, we interviewed some of the performing Year 5 students: “It was amazing!” said one; “Wow!” said another; “My legs turned to jelly!” said a third.

 “We are so incredibly proud of the children. We were thrilled to see how well they performed!” Mr Leeding said. “I couldn’t be more proud. I was reduced to tears!” Mrs Orton commented.

Reported by Amelia C

Diary entries for a World War 1 soldier.
Poppy art using a range of media.

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