Notes from the class

What we have been learning...

Year Six have just returned from an amazing residential trip to Norfolk. We learnt a variety of life-skills, including team-work, resilience, problem-solving, independence and we had to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

While we were there, we learnt about coastal erosion and how this has impacted on the Norfolk coast (this has extended our understanding of the impact of climate change, which we have been learning about in geography). During an orienteering activity, we used maps and compasses to find our way around an unfamiliar landscape. We explored lots of different habitats, including rockpools, marsh and woodlands, where we identified unfamiliar species.

Back in school, we have enjoyed writing up recounts of our trip. In our R.E. lessons, we are learning about ‘Creation’ and have considered the challenges faced by refugees for our Harvest service, where we all contributed to a performance poem, which we recited in Church.

We have studied the artist Paul Klee and have focussed on his painting ‘Double Tent’, inspiring designs of our own using our colour-mixing and blending skills.

In science, we have been learning about ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ and know the difference between an inherited characteristic and an environmental

characteristic. We will soon be carrying out some research about Charles Darwin.

Everyone in Year Six have now elected members for our Pupil Parliament and everyone has a responsibility for a monitor role, which contributes to the smooth running of the whole school. All of Year 6 are also now playleaders and are responsible for setting up games and overseeing games for other year groups and making sure everyone in school has happy playtimes.

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