Collective Worship

Collective Worship

As a church school, collective worship is central to our daily life as a community. Within the classroom, children are invited to say ‘grace’, take part in an end of day/week prayer. A form of whole school collective worship takes part each day and the timetable for this can be seen below.  Teachers and children are expected to lead Collective Worship assemblies and support staff are also welcome to be involved, should they wish to be. Parents/family members are welcome to attend the Achievers’ Assembly.

Collective Worship inspires, engages and provides the space, stillness and reflection for our spiritual development. Our Collective Worship is innovative as all children in every year group will plan, lead and then reflect on their worship by the time they leave St. Michael’s.

The School Prayer

Collective Worship Timetable

Date Autumn Term 2021 Who
02.09.21 Welcome back assembly RP
03.09.21 No assembly – teachers to discuss year group values in classes
06.09.21 Parables: The good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) DC
07.09.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
08.09.21 Class assembly 5L
09.09.21 Values Assembly RP
10.09.21 Achievers’ Assembly HS
13.09.21 Parables: The good tree and the bad tree (Luke 6:43-45) EM
14.09.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
15.09.21 Class assembly 5L
16.09.21 Values Assembly RP
17.09.21 Achievers’ Assembly LD
20.09.21 Parables: The sower (Luke 8:4-8, 11-15) DC
21.09.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
22.09.21 Class assembly 5L
23.09.21 Values Assembly RP
24.09.21 Achievers’ Assembly CL
27.09.21 Parables: The two friends (Luke 11:5-13) EM
28.09.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
29.09.21 Class assembly 5L
30.09.21 Values Assembly RP
01.10.21 Achievers’ Assembly CM
04.10.21 Values Assembly RP
05.10.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
06.10.21 Class assembly 5L
07.10.21 Harvest service in Church DC/EM
08.10.21 Achievers’ Assembly RR
11.10.21 Parables: The rich man (Luke 12:13-21) EM
12.10.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
13.10.21 Class assembly 5O
14.10.21 Values Assembly RP
15.10.21 Achievers’ Assembly RJ
18.10.21 Parables: The barren fig tree (Luke 13:6-9) DC
19.10.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
20.10.21 Class assembly 5O
21.10.21 Values Assembly RP
22.10.21 Non-Pupil Day
Date Autumn Term 2021 Who
01.11.21 Parables: The mustard seed and the yeast (Luke 13:18-21) DC
02.11.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
03.11.21 Class assembly 5O
04.11.21 Values Assembly RP
05.11.21 Achievers’ Assembly HW
08.11.21 Parables: The great dinner (Luke 14:15-24) EM
09.11.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
10.11.21 Class assembly 5O
11.11.21 Values Assembly RP
12.11.21 Achievers’ Assembly HS
15.11.21 Parables: The lost sheep and the lost coin (Luke 15:1-10) DC
16.11.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
17.11.21 Class assembly 5O
18.11.21 Values Assembly RP
19.11.21 Achievers’ Assembly LD
22.11.21 Parables: The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) EM
23.11.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
24.11.21 Class assembly 6D
25.11.21 Values Assembly RP
26.11.21 Achievers’ Assembly CL
29.11.21 Advent (Luke 1:26-38) DC
30.11.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
01.12.21 Class assembly 6D
02.12.21 Values Assembly RP
03.12.21 Achievers’ Assembly CM
06.12.21 The birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25, 57-66) EM
07.12.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
08.12.21 Class assembly 6D
09.12.21 Values Assembly RP
10.12.21 Achievers’ Assembly RR
13.12.21 Values Assembly RP
14.12.21 Big Start Assembly C/T
15.12.21 Class assembly 6D
16.12.21 Christmas Carol Service in Church DC/EM
17.12.21 Achievers’ Assembly RJ

Worship Leaders

Our Collective Worship is unique in that our Worship Leaders plan and lead all of our four church services with the support and guidance of Reverend David and the Church School Leader. 

 A Worship Leader, who was missing Sunday church services due to rugby training, told his grandfather that, “ …it is ok, because I go to church every day at school’’.

The Big ?

The Liturgical colours