Collective Worship

Collective Worship in our school

Our school is a Church of England, VA School, with close links to St Michael’s Church, that is under the Diocese of Chelmsford. We celebrate all religious and non-religious worldviews in our school, whilst promoting our own distinctive Christian ethos.  Children take part in daily collective worship, led by either: Reverend David, our head teacher, children, Mrs Maxwell or class teachers. All children in our school will lead a collective worship each year and contribute to the planning and delivery of the worship.

We have a termly and yearly plan for collective worship based upon the guidance of Reverend David and the Church of England and we plan our collective worship to be inspirational, inclusive and invitational.

Each half term, we follow a theme intended to develop children’s spirituality; our Christian Values (Love, Respect, Faith and Courage); God’s love and the teachings of Jesus. We try to bring a varied but holistic approach to these themes, sharing with children not only religious stories/messages, but music, other religious and non-religious worldviews and British Values, UNICEF rights and topical issues. We come together to:  sing and pray; celebrate achievements; allow quiet times for reflection and to discuss important issues. Children can respond personally to worship and generate ‘Big Questions’ for consideration.

We have a very close relationship with our local church and hold much anticipated and valued services there for Harvest, Christmas, Easter and other significant events, such as our Year 6 Leavers’ Service. Our Worship Leaders plan, write and deliver these church services with the support of Reverend David.

We also hold our own Ash Wednesday service in school, which is led by Reverend David. Parents and carers are warmly invited to our Church services and Friday celebration worship. At Christmas, our choir sing at the church during the evening carol service. This year after school, we also organised an inter-generational Christmas sing-a-long of carols and songs for our school family and the local community – an especially enjoyable event that we wish to continue.

The School Prayer


Collective Worship in Our School – Timetable    

Worship Leaders

Our Collective Worship is unique in that our Worship Leaders plan and lead all of our four church services with the support and guidance of Reverend David and the Church School Leader. 

 A Worship Leader, who was missing Sunday church services due to rugby training, told his grandfather that, “ …it is ok, because I go to church every day at school’’.

The Big ?

The Liturgical colours