Governor Information

Governor Information

NameDate appointedTerm of OfficeDate of Stepping DownAppointed by?Business & Pecuniary Interests
BusinessOther governance rolesMaterial interests from relationships (governors/staff)
Janella Coates01/09/19984 YearsOctober 2021Foundation PCC Galleywoodn/an/a 
Carol Colledge01/12/19974 YearsSummer 2020Local Authority
Essex County Council
 Governor at GBHSHusband Richard Colledge
Jane Cregan-Bird01/09/19994 Years Foundation DBEDeputy Manager of Rainbow Pre-School.  
David CattleOngoing  Ex-Officio   
Diane Gale01/01/20124 Years2018Foundation PCC Galleywood   
Andy Griffiths31/08/2004Ex – OfficioSeptember 2017Foundation
Ex – Officio
  Wife Alison Griffiths Adult Learning Teacher
Melissa Harverson01/11/20124 YearsDecember 2015Parent Governor   
Duncan McKenzie31/03/20154 Years Foundation PCC
Great Baddow

Duncan McKenzie Consultancy

Lighthouse Family Trust (Trustee)

Meadgate Great Baddow PCC 
Denise O’Leary01/10/20124 Years31/08/2016Staff Governor   
Andrea Wolahan Dec 2016 4 Years31/08/2023Staff Governor  Husband is employee of Hays who we use occasionally for supply.
Anne Pepper24/04/20144 YearsSummer 2020Foundation DBEEducation Consultant Husband Brian Pepper Administrator St. Michael’s Church

Maria Rumsey


Headteacher (Staff Governor)
Rowen Prigg01/09/20194 Years Ex-Officio
Headteacher (Staff Governor)
Francesca Watkinson01/09/19894 Years Foundation PCC GalleywoodHLTA  
Andrew Brown 01/05/20154 YearsMarch 2020Parent Governor.
Appt May 2015 asassociate member, stepped down April 2016, now Parent Governor
Fleur DuludeJune 20184 YearsSeptember 2021Parent Governor tbc  
Mark NorthfieldMay 20213 Years Local Authority Governortbc 
Paul SmithFebruary 20223 Years Foundation GovernorSchool Business Manager 
Associate Members (No voting rights on FGB but may in relevant committees)
Andrew Brown01/05/2015 April 2016Associate Member   
Lisa Dines01/05/2017  Associate Member   
Richard Colledge25/03/2008 Autumn 2020   
Robin Foster01/05/2015 Appt Staff Gov 19/01/2009-01/05/2015   
Mark Cresswell01/05/2015 23/07/2015   
Sally Mumford01/05/2015 22/05/2015   
Jill Smith17/03/2015 Appt Aug 2010 Foundation Gov, stepped down 2 March 2015Retired Teacher Husband Philip Smith Hon. Treasurer St. Mary’s CHurch
Thomas EmmettSeptember 2020  Lawyer