Our Curriculum

Creative Curriculum – the impact

This is our creative way of delivering the New National Curriculum which encourages a climate for children to explore, learn and apply their knowledge and skills in original ways and with purpose. This is achieved through termly or half termly themes, culminating in opportunities for children to exhibit their achievements for parents and carers in weekly assemblies and events throughout the year. It also includes practical and active approaches, visits and visitors, cultural events, global links and care for the environment.

All children are encouraged to aim high and are supported to achieve to their maximum in all areas of the curriculum.  We celebrate all achievements in school and outside, including hobbies, clubs, sporting, and of the arts in our weekly achievers assembly.  We believe that every child must succeed and our curriculum is organised to help children to achieve to the highest standards in all areas.  The creative curriculum develops imagination, flexibility, curiosity, independence, investigation and problem solving.  In this way children can achieve in reading, writing and maths and become creative learners, who are inquisitive, risk takers, self- motivated, and independent, enabling all of our children to develop as individuals as part of our ‘Character Education’.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural achievement is highly developed through the teaching and learning in the creative curriculum.  PSHE and citizenship are also vital aspects of our provision to achieve the best outcomes for all children and we also promote the social and emotional aspects of learning  to enable children to be the best they can be. Time at St Michaels gives the children opportunity to become mentally well, well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of healthy relationships and through our promotion of Equality and Diversity, we promote community and well balanced individuals that will flourish in modern Britain. For more information on the New National Curriculum click here. For more information on our curricululum, please contact the subject lead (found in each year group’s Curriculum Outline) via our email address .

Staff Training

“Learning is memory – or to put it another way, if what we teach doesn’t enter the long-term memory of our students then actually, we haven’t taught them anything. So, then, how can we hack the memory process so that learning (and progress, achievement and better grades) can happen? I give you the up-to-date neuroscience (in very manageable and memorable chunks) and link that neuroscience to specific teaching approaches and strategies”. Robin Launder.

The staff at St Michaels recently had a training session with Robin Launder, that investigated 12 strategies to improve memory in our classrooms. Memory and how to hack it! might be a useful link for everyone in our school community.