School Closure Update

Dear Parents/Carers

We received an email this morning reassuring us that we would be getting definitions of key workers and the support that we will need to be provide for our EHCP children. The Department for Education is compiling information on short, medium and long term planning and as soon as we have this we will be notifying you all. Today, we were expecting guidance on the definitions of key workers, advice and support about what we need to plan for Monday, communication support for parents and Safeguarding advice and guidance. This information is crucial in moving forward with our planning and supporting the St Michaels’ community as best we can. As soon as we have more information, we will share it with you.

What is certain is that as of 3:20pm on Friday we will be closing the school for most of our children, until further notice from the Government. We are busy preparing and sending out packs of work, emailing information and creating a Home Learning page on the website. These will provide you with activities that your children will complete whilst at home.

Rowen Prigg