Notes from the class

What we have been learning...

Our topic is ‘We are Great’. We have been looking at the suffragette movement and how certain members changed how women were viewed. We looked particularly at Epsom Derby Races in June 1913 and the actions of Emily Davison. We acted out the spectators’ reactions and what King George V would have said. We freeze-framed these and then wrote down quotes to include in our newspaper reports. What do you think we could be thinking?
Finally, we had a lengthy discussion as to whether Emily Davison was killed as an accident or on purpose. We looked at the evidence and discussed how buying a return ticket could have been a reason why it was an accident or a cover up.

We are very proud of our newspaper reports and although it was hard work, we were really pleased with how they turned out. Please come and visit our classroom to read them in more detail. Our board is called ‘Deeds not Words’ because this was the slogan Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragettes believed and used. 

They were convinced the suffragist approach of peaceful protests and speeches wasn’t enough to convince the government that Women had the right to vote too. We have also been reading My Best Friend the Suffragette by Sally Morgan. We really enjoyed reading the letters between two best friends, one who is actively encouraged to question rights for women and her friend whose father is against women having the vote. Next half term we will be looking at a male that changed Great Britain; the brilliant play writer and poet – William Shakespeare.
We acted out the spectators’ reactions to Emily Davison's actions.
3V acting out their reactions to events at the 1913 Epsom Derby Races.

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